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Whether you’ve been going through addiction for years or have just come to terms that you are dependent upon a drug, you will need the professional assistance of Seager Recovery and our drug rehab center in Miami, Florida to help you through this trying time. Here you will begin with intake, then move on through supervised detox, various forms of therapy, and go through continued recovery in aftercare. You will have the resources, guidance, and assistance needed to overcome this once and for all. Don’t wait any longer, call us today.


Drug and Alcohol Detox Explained

At our addiction recovery facility in Miami, we provide supervised detox for each of our clients. When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, their body grows physically dependent upon chemicals. To ensure that we can enable you to avoid any future relapse, you will have to go through withdrawals in a clinically managed setting. Once the body is rid of the chemicals from the alcohol and drugs for the body to begin to adapt to a new, sober lifestyle. Our drug rehab clinic in Miami is capable of providing the most effective, safe, and comfortable detox possible.



When you are done with detox, you will then begin therapy in various forms. First you will go through personal counseling sessions that will enable you to speak freely about your condition and your struggles. Honesty is key. Here you will create a personalized addiction treatment program that will be tailored to your needs and comprehensively evolved to meet them. You will share your story, receive advice from a professional, and learn to how to stave off triggers and cravings.


After you begin personal counseling sessions at our Miami drug rehab facility, you will go through group therapy. Here you will experience empathy and exchange valuable advice with your fellow peers. The aspect of community is very important to heal wounds and work towards healing. Together the group helps each other on this journey towards betterment and sobriety.



Finally, when you go to leave our addiction treatment center in Miami, you will depart not only with the love and guidance from your fellow peers, but with the assistance of your comprehensive and customized addiction treatment regimen created in therapy. You will never be on your own. You don’t have to worry about being without the care you need. All you need to do to get started on your new life of sobriety is call Seager Recovery and we will set up a free consultation at our addiction treatment facility in Miami, Florida. You won’t regret the day everything changed.

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