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There are a number of options for treating addiction, and our Duluth, Georgia addiction recovery program is an effective option for individuals ready for change. We operate multiple drug rehab centers throughout the country, and we are devoted to helping our clients work on sobriety for a better future. Each client arriving at our addiction recovery facility in Duluth, Georgia will start the journey with a full health evaluation to ensure safety throughout the recovery process.


We also offer supervised detox to our clients because of the proven safety and efficacy of this procedure. All of our clients attend group and individual therapy as part of a personalized but comprehensive addiction treatment plan. Our professional staff understands the challenges of long term addiction recovery, and we work hard to provide a safe environment at our drug rehab facility in addition to providing assistance procuring aftercare.


Supervised detoxification is standard for clients entering our addiction recovery center in Duluth, Georgia. We are committed to safe addiction recovery, and the 24-hour supervision provided by our compassionate staff ensures that our clients are able to detox in a safe and controlled environment. Symptoms like headache, upset stomach, and insomnia are common when individuals experience withdrawal from controlled substances, and both staff and peers are always nearby to offer comfort and support. For individuals who experience more dangerous symptoms, monitored detoxification at our drug detox clinic is essential to alerting proper personnel as soon as possible.


The comfort and security of our clients is essential to the recovery process, and it is our goal to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all individuals under our care. We also work to facilitate relationships between our staff and clients. We strive to build trusting relationships because it is the only way that we can provide the most individualized and effective treatment plan for each and every client.


Two types of therapy are utilized at our substance abuse treatment facility in Duluth, Georgia. Individual therapy is dependent on the client and the therapist building a trusting relationship to honestly discuss past experiences, emotions, and even issues surrounding substance abuse. During individual therapy, some clients receive dual diagnosis mental health treatment, which means the therapist has identified some type of co-occurring mental disorder in addition to addiction. It is important to face mental health issues while working to overcome addiction because the two are often interrelated. Without treating both, it may be impossible to treat either.


Group therapy also plays an important role in recovery. These sessions involve small groups of clients and are led by a trained therapist. Clients are free to discuss feelings and opinions about specified topics, and they are encouraged to offer support and even constructive criticism to their peers. It is important that individuals feel involved in the recovery process, and group therapy allows everyone to actively participate.


Successfully completing an addiction recovery program is a monumental achievement that can sometimes be overshadowed by the apprehension to return to the outside world. Our addiction treatment center provides a network of support as well as scheduled therapy sessions to help clients stay on track. The stress of the outside world can bring about new challenges, which is why our team of professionals help each of our clients locate aftercare options available close to home. For some clients, moving into sober living housing is encouraged before returning home, and those who cannot will find that scheduling therapy appointments with one of our staff members and locating support groups near home before leaving can set a good example moving forward in the recovery process.


While overcoming addiction is a multifaceted challenge, a recovery program can help get individuals started on the right path. At our Duluth, Georgia addiction treatment facility, we can provide a safe place for our clients as they work to get sober and learn how to maintain their sobriety for a lifetime.

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