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Get the Best Drug Rehabilitation Services from Seager Recovery

Though many people understand addiction, the need for addiction treatment services is more prevalent than ever. If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, you need the professional assistance and guidance from the professionals at our drug rehab center in Aurora, Illinois. With the help of Seager Recovery specialists, you will be able to take back your life and move on with happiness and sobriety.


Drug addiction is a disease that changes the chemical structure of the brain. Although the initial decision to start using drugs is involved, the decision to stop using drugs is difficult to come to after the repetitive use of drugs interferes with persons’ self-control and the ability to make decisions. It is therefore due to these changes in the brain that makes it almost impossible to stop using drugs on your own without professional assistance.


Fortunately, there is treatment for drug addiction. Our addiction recovery facility in Aurora has professional counselors and other support systems that help our clients recover from addiction and lead healthy, productive lives. The facility is an addiction recovery center where we take care of our clients and maintain safety and comfortability during the rehabilitation process as well as after you leave to go through further treatment.


In our Aurora substance abuse treatment facility, the rehabilitation process through therapeutic and holistic methods of treatment helps stop the use of drugs for good. Counseling and family therapies accompany this process to mend relationships and work on holistic betterment. The following are the four steps you go through during the rehabilitation process.



During your first consultation at our Aurora addiction treatment clinic, our professionals welcome you warmly, and ask you questions in an interview that is done with the aim of acquiring the necessary information that will help us create the best substance abuse treatment program that suits your needs. Honesty is required during interviewing because it will help us group our clients as per their specifications. It is during this interview that our client is asked about their health in the past, including mental health. Depending on the severity of the addiction, physical examination and mental health screening can be done as well.



At our Aurora drug detox clinic, the client is cleansed from the harmful substances. This step is intimidating because clients can go through pain due to the withdrawal symptoms. The process takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. It all depends on the substance that was abused, the period of substance abuse, the amount of the substance the client abused, and the mental health of the client. Our Aurora rehab clinic uses intensive monitoring to guide the client through this time, and appropriate measures are taken in relation to the severity. This step marks the beginning of treatment at our addiction recovery center in Aurora.


Therapy and Rehabilitation

Counseling and group therapies are perhaps the most vital aspects at our Aurora drug rehab clinic. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the best therapies that helps examine negative thought patterns that are challenged with the aim of shifting behavioral patterns. Therapies also help with developing coping skills, understanding drug addiction, and promoting many other positive effects that have an affect our clients.



Finally, you will go to leave our addiction treatment facility. This stage primarily deals with relapse prevention. During the rehabilitation process, the professionals at our Aurora drug rehab center are concerned with the environment that our clients will be exposed to. Your case manager will sometimes be involved in the helping you with stability by providing employment opportunities, sober living options, and other basic needs with the aim of keeping our clients away from environments that can lead to abusing drugs again.


Our addiction treatment center in Aurora, Colorado is in a great position to provide the care you need to overcome this once and for all. Seager Recovery has some of the most high quality addiction services and facilities to help our clients get back to their healthy lives and work towards happiness and fulfillment.


You don’t have to do this on your own, all you have to do to get started is call Seager Recovery today and we will begin setting up an appointment for your free consultation.

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