Our Vision

When you enter our addiction recovery program, you’ll be taking part in one of the most effective recovery plan possible. How can we guarantee that? Because all of our clients receive recovery plans that are customized to suit their individual needs, we can be assured that all of our clients receive the best possible addiction recovery care. During the intake interview, we’ll gather information about you and your situation, and that data will then be used to craft your comprehensive customized care plan. We’ll take what we learn about you and apply specialized treatment strategies to ensure that you get the care you need to succeed.

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Alcohol Rehab

We offer a variety of different addiction recovery treatment strategies, including a full spectrum of therapeutic options, and specialized treatments such as dual diagnosis mental health treatment.

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Drug Rehab

For roughly half of our clients, it isn’t just addiction that they’re struggling with, it’s also a co-occurring mental health disorder.

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There are many different elements to substance abuse, and in order to ensure that the issues you’re struggling with are properly handled, you’ll need treatment that targets the areas where you need the most help.

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Dual diagnosis

At our addiction recovery center, that’s exactly what you’ll find.

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Symptoms of dual diagnosis / co occurring disorders

As symptoms vary greatly due to the possible combinations of substances and mental health conditions, there are no clear-cut observations that indicate the presence of co-occurring disorders with a high degree of accuracy. With that complexity in mind, the following symptoms or behaviors are often present

  • Drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms
  • Engaging in risky behavior to maintain the abusive or addictive habit
  • Extreme changes in behavior
  • High tolerance to substances being abused
  • Loss of control over use of substances
  • Perceived inability to function without alcohol or drugs
  • Risky behavior when drunk or under the influence of drugs
  • Withdrawal from friends or family

Specific mental illness

There are a number of different types of mental health disorders that can be problematic and co-occurring with substance abuse issues.

Depressive disorders

Once we’ve determined what your plan for addiction recovery treatment will look like, it is time for you to proceed to supervised detoxification.

Anxiety disorders

Detox is the process that occurs when you stops using a substance for which you have developed a dependence.

Personality disorders

When your body is no longer receiving the substance it has become reliant upon, you may experience the symptoms of withdrawal.

Psychotic disorders

This symptoms are, at best, uncomfortable, and at worst, can be downright dangerous.

Eating disorders

With supervised detox, our friendly and well-trained staff members will be on hand to ensure your safety and do everything possible to mitigate your discomfort.

Autism spectrum disorders

When you’ve graduated from our addiction recovery treatment center, you won't’ have to wonder whether or not someone will be by your side to continue supporting you as you return to the world at large.

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